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About Us

Mission Statement:

South Kendall Sunblazer Soccer Club is an independent non-profit organization whose primary focus is molding the youth of our community by offering high level soccer through proper developement. We are an organization that competes under the Florida Youth Soccer Organization guidelines.

In order to accommodate the various levels of skill, talent, and aspirations of our youth members, we offer both recreational and competitive soccer programs. In both programs, we offer team play for children ages 4-19. It is our belief that the success of the player is not measured by the number of victories, but by the character of the youth which is developed. As a club, we stress the importance of fair play and good sportsmanship. We hope to instill not only knowledge of the sport of soccer, but develop love for the game as well. Most of all, we accomplish these goals while having fun.


 Ages 4-8

The FUNdamental stage is well structured and FUN! The emphasis is on the overall development of the child’s physical capacities, fundamental movement skills and the ABCs of athleticism (agility / balance / coordination / speed) through FUN games using a soccer ball.Developmentally appropriate activities.Player Centered ApproachTeam follows player (not results orientated)

Ages 9-12

Emphasis is on creating a fun environment for the players that encourages a lot of games to goals and encourages experimentation with the ball .The development of the fundamental soccer skills are the focus of this stage. At the latter part of this stage, players should be challenged with decision making as well as skill development.

Ages 13-15

The focus at this stage is to begin expanding a players understanding of the game as their technique and game intelligence allows This becomes the transitional stage into the adult game (11v 11) and the focus on team issues i.e. relationship between different lines of team Clear differences in the emotional and physical maturity of players (individual approach) Accountability for decision making and ball skill are stressed in fun, competitive situations.

Ages 16-18

The focus of this stage is to refine positional skills and responsibilities and tie them to team needs Technical and Tactical development is a priority The development of how to prepare for and manage the stress of competition, the values of honesty, sportsmanship, respect for rules and loyalty to the team and club are priority. Periodization is used for yearly planning & testing Exposure to a variety of challenging competitions allow the players to gain experience and the ability to play under different conditions. This is the stage where we prepare the players that are seriously looking to play competitively in High School and College. There is both team and one-on-one type of training. We work on both the technical,tactical,physical and mental aspects of the game which at this level play an important part..


The volunteers of South Kendall Soccer have been serving the children of Kendall since 1992. The founders were active in two independent programs from 1992 to 1996. In 1995 it became apparent that one national affiliation would better serve the needs of the volunteers and their families. The name South Kendall Soccer was adopted and formally incorporated in 1997 and merged with Sunblazer Soccer Club in 2012 and is now known as SK Sunblazer Soccer Club. SK Sunblazer Soccer Club is currently affiliated with Florida Youth Soccer Association the United States Youth Soccer Association affiliate in Florida.